About Us

Saint Mary's College of California is nationally ranked and recognized, and our programs prepare students for challenging and interesting careers, in the context of the fine liberal arts education provided to all SMC students. Essential to both professional and liberal education are strong interpersonal capabilities, including oral and written communications, and the confidence and ability to address both technical and human dimensions of organizational life. Our mission is aligned with the College’s Catholic and Lasallian Christian Brother’s heritage in which integrity and ethical consciousness are emphasized.

Saint Mary's College of California, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, is also the home to various graduate business degree options tailored to the full-time working professional. Graduate degree programs include the Professional MBA, Executive MBA, Hybrid Executive MBA, Trans-Global Executive MBA, M.S. in Financial Analysis and Investment Management and the M.S. in Accounting. Graduate business classes are offered in Moraga, San Ramon, Santa Clara, and San Francisco. As one of the first Executive MBA programs in the San Francisco Bay Area, Saint Mary's College of California alumni network is strong, lifelong and worldwide.

The School of Economics and Business Administration undergraduate and graduate curriculum encourages students to develop a global and responsible business perspective. We educate students to consider global contexts and ethical, economic, social, and environmental values, as they understand, analyze, and decide on business and economic issues.